America Madness is the 2nd episode and the 1st short episode to appear of Carkle's Series to celebrate the 4th of July.

Plot Edit

Carkle and Igor were about to prepare 'Firework Chaos', but they were hungry, so they went to McDolan's. Once they were back to prepare 'Firework Chaos', the fireworks were stolen! So it's up to Carkle and Igor to find the culprit that stole the fireworks!

Cast Edit

  • Carkle
  • Igor
  • The Culprit (Name will be said in the transcript)

Transcript Edit

  • Carkle: "Let's Prepare-"
  • Igor: "Uh, I'm hungry.
  • Carkle: "Me too!"
  • Igor: "Let's go to McDolans!"
  • Carkle: "Alright."
  • [They go to McDolans]
  • [Suddenly, a culprit appears]
  • Culprit: "Haha! I will steal these fireworks for my own 'Firework Chaos'!
  • [The Culprit steals the fireworks]
  • [After Carkle and Igor were back to prepare 'Firework Chaos'...]
  • Carkle: "What the...? Where did the fireworks go?"
  • Igor: "Let me guess, the culprit is Twilight Sparkle!"
  • Carkle: "Nice guess."
  • Igor: "Thanks."
  • Carkle: "Let's find the culprit!"
  • Igor: "Yeah!"
  • [They look for the Culprit, this goes for 3 minutes, until they find the Culprit.]


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