The Abusive Boogaloo is the 4th episode of Carkle's Series to support MakerModelLua's Admin (A little bit).

Plot Edit

One day in Animatronic City, Carkle was walking around to find 'Metal Munch', a local restaurant in the city so he can eat. But one day, some admin abuser came into the city and started abusing his powers! Now it's up to Carkle to stop the admin abuser! Will the abuser say :ban Carkle before Carkle stops him?

Cast Edit

  • Carkle
  • Igor (cameo)
  • The Admin Abuser (Real name will be shown in the transcript)
  • Metal Munch Employee
  • Citizen 1
  • Entrance Guard

Transcript Edit

  • [One day in Animatronic City]
  • Carkle: "I'm feeling hungry, what should I eat?"
  • Carkle: "Oh! Maybe I'll go to Metal Munch so I can eat there."
  • [Carkle gets out of his house and starts walking to Metal Munch]
  • [Finally, Carkle arrives at Metal Munch and enters]
  • Metal Munch Employee: "Hi there. Can I take your order..."
  • Carkle: "I want a metal burger with fried wires on the side."
  • [Later... an admin abuser enters the city]
  • Admin Abuser: "Hehe, the target is in here. I hope they don't have an army!"
  • [The Admin Abuser enters Animatronic City]
  • Entrance Guard: "City pass costs 15 dollars."
  • Admin Abuser: "Uhh, I don't have enough!"
  • Entrance Guard: "Then you can't enter. Sorry, mate."
  • Admin Abuser: "GRRR!!! :kill Entrance Guard"
  • [Entrance Guard gets killed]
  • Entrance Guard's Soul: "Meanie!"
  • Admin Abuser: "Screw you, idiot!"
  • [The Admin Abuser trespasses the entrance]
  • [Meanwhile, Carkle gets out of Metal Munch]
  • Carkle: "Ahh! What a refreshing meal to eat! Wait, why is there a corpse here?"
  • Citizen 1: "Ugh, help! There is some admin abuser that is abusing his powers! You got to stop him..."
  • Carkle: "Crap..."
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