Unidentified Flying Animatronic (AKA - U.F.A) is the 3rd episode of Carkle's Series.

Plot Edit

In the middle of the night, at Carkle's house... the time is 12:35 AM. It was going normal, but suddenly, an unidentified flying object has abducted Carkle while he was sleeping! Now, in order for Carkle to escape, he has to fight back the aliens! Will he succeed?

Cast Edit

  • Carkle
  • Igor (Will save Carkle)
  • Drizzle (Alien Species 1)
  • Dribble (Alien Species 2)
  • Tumble (Alien Species 3)
  • Xerble (Alien Leader)

Transcript Edit

  • [Time is 12:35]
  • Carkle: "I feel a little bit hungry. Let's see what's at the fridge!"
  • [Carkle opens the fridge, but there was nothing except a note]
  • Carkle: "Hey! Where's the food? Wait... what's this?"
  • [Carkle reads the note]
  • Note: "We have stolen your food because we felt like it. If you want real food, go to an real restaurant. - From an Unknown Species"
  • Carkle: "Grr! I'll just go back to sleep."
  • [Carkle goes back to bed]
  • [Later, an U.F.O appears]
  • Drizzle: "Sir! We spotted an house! There seems to be someone inside it..."
  • Xerble: "Let's abduct the human!"
  • Dribble: "Should we scan him?"
  • Xerble: "Fine, we'll scan the human first, then we'll abduct him... or, her."
  • [The aliens scan Carkle]
  • Tumble: "Sir! We got the information on the human."
  • Tumble: "He's an male, animatronic. That's all!"
  • Xerble: "Nice. Now we'll abduct him!"
  • [The U.F.O abducts Carkle]
  • [The next day...]
  • Carkle: "Ahh... what a refreshing sleep!"
  • Carkle: "Wait... where am I?"
  • Xerble: "Hello, male animatronic."
  • Carkle: "Who are you?!
  • Xerble: "I'm Xerble. The alien leader! And these are my 3 inadequates. Drizzle, Dribble, and Tumble."
  • Drizzle: "Sir! We're not inadequate!"
  • Xerble: "You're not good enough to learn the Alien's Guide to the Galaxy!"
  • Dribble: "So? We don't care."
  • Xerble: "Anyways, tell us your name."
  • Carkle: "Ehh... I'm Carkle the Animatronic."
  • Xerble: "Nice name."
  • Xerble: "Give us more information about yourself."
  • Carkle: "I live in Animatronic City..."
  • Carkle: "I was born in Mechanic's Inc..."
  • Carkle: "And I have friends."
  • Carkle: "They're named Igor, Sophie, Chrome, and Sade."
  • Carkle: "Yep... that's all."
  • Xerble: "Nice information, Carkle."
  • Carkle: "What are you going to do with me, by the way?"
  • Xerble: "Uhh..."
  • Drizzle: "Disintegrate him with a giant laser beam?"
  • Dribble: "Or... smash him into bits with a giant block?"
  • Tumble: "Um... maybe eat him for dinner?"
  • Xerble: "NO! I want something more interesting... like, go to space and drop Carkle in a black hole!"
  • Carkle: "Oh no..."
  • Xerble: "Silence, you little!"
  • W.I.P
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