Madness Combat is a series of flash episodes made by Matt "Krinkels" Jolly. The flash series contain several cartoon characters with plus faces known as facial crosses fighting each other.

Episodes Edit

History Edit

The first ever Madness Combat episode made was Marsh-Mellow Madness, which started in February 19, 2002. The first ever Madness Combat episode WITH fighting characters was Madness Combat itself, which starred Hank J. Wimbleton, an protagonist who is professional at fighting. The first episode which starred Sanford and Deimos was Madness Combat 5.

Characters Edit

Normal MC Characters Edit

These characters were the main trademark for Madness Combat. But that's not all, there are 3 types of them!

The MC Character

Grunt Edit

Characters that are armed with weapons.

Dummy/Civilians Edit

Characters that are easy to kill.

Deserter Edit

Same as grunts, but Carkle cannot tell a difference about them between grunts.

Hank J. Wimbleton Edit



The main protagonist of Madness Combat who is a professional fighter. He is seen through all the Madness series except Madness Inundation.

Sheriff Edit


The Sheriff

The antagonist of Madness Apotheosis. He is seen with a black hat, and the one who controls the grunts and deserters.

Sanford Edit


Sanford and Deimos

The 2nd protagonist of Madness Combat. He was first seen in Madness Combat 5.5, and with a major appearance change in Madness Aggregation.

Deimos Edit

The 3rd protagonist with his buddy Sanford in Madness Combat. He was also seen in Madness Combat 5.5 with bandages on his head, much like Hank from the Avenger episode and got a major appearance change in Madness Aggregation.

Auditor Edit


The Auditor

The antagonist of Madness Aggregation and Abrogation. He is seen as a black fiery humanoid and controls agents and A.T.P agents.

Tricky Edit



The antagonist of Madness Avenger, Apotheosis, Depredation, Antipathy, and Consternation. He is mostly famous for his quote: "OMG YOU DON'T KILL CLOWN!!! CLOWN KILLS YOU!!!". He is seen as a normal clown, but later turned into a zombie.

Jebus / SaviorEdit



A protagonist (Stated as an antagonist from the MC wiki). He is seen as a guy with a halo. He also has the power to resurrect people and turn them into zombies. He was formally known as Jebediah Christoff.

Agents Edit


The agents

Enemies of Madness Combat. They are seen with red shades (black shades for special ones) and a tux.

A.T.P Agents Edit

2nd enemy of Madness Combat. The unique thing about them is their yellow blood, and are seen with masks with yellow visors.

MAG Agents Edit


One of the MAG Agents

3rd enemy of Madness Combat. They are giant mutated agents with aggression. The most popular one is Torture, a MAG Agent with 2 giant nails shoved in his head and first appeared in MC7.

Incidents Edit

Incident episodes are non-canon episodes created by Krinkels. They feature unique things such as The Haunted Face.

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