My Little Animatronic: Touhou is War is a Touhou, FNAF, TF2 and MLP Crossover with a few OCs added.

The MLP Characters are the villains.


Chapters Plot
Chapter 1: Arriving at Equestria The Heroes arrive on Equestria. They try to get trust from the Ponies.
Chapter 2: Crafting new Items The Engineer manages to craft new weapons to the heroes. They try it out on Targets.
Chapter 3: TBA TBA
Chapter 4: TBA TBA
Chapter 5: The Grand Battle TBA


The Good SideEdit

  • Igor
  • Carkle
  • John
  • James
  • Freddy
  • Bonnie
  • Chica
  • Foxy
  • The Soldier
  • The Scout
  • The Pyro
  • The Demoman
  • The Heavy
  • The Engineer
  • The Medic
  • The Sniper
  • The Spy
  • Reimu
  • Sanae
  • Marisa
  • Cirno
  • Pingy
  • Metal Flare (Joins on Chatper 2)
  • Princess Zelda (Joins on Chapter 2)

The Bad SideEdit

  • Twilight Sparkle
  • Pinkie Pie
  • Fluttershy
  • Rainbow Dash
  • Applejack
  • Rarity
  • Derpy
  • Princess Celestria
  • Princess Luna
  • Apple Bloom
  • Scootaloo
  • Sweetie Belle


Chapter 1: Arriving at EquestriaEdit

[Igor, James and John are Resting on Carkle's House]

Igor: "Alright. There is nothing to ruin our day.

John: "Today, i had my first kiss with Marisa! it was sweet!"

Igor: "Keep Ship Tease away, John. This is a video where I, James and Carkle are working on."

John: "Uh, Okay."

James: [Snapping his Fingers] "Ummm..."

[Carkle runs in, Shocked.]

Igor: "What is the Problem, Mister Carkle?"

Carkle: You'll never believe this! MLP: FiM got a new season!

James: Um... oh no?

Carkle: You don't understand! I hate MLP!

(We get a close up of Carkle.)

Carkle: With a burning passion...

James: Wow. That was weird.

Igor: James! Quit it!

James: Okay, okay! But really, if you hate MLP that much, you should check out my parody, Mai Littel Punee. In comparison, MLP looks like Downton frickin Abbey or something.

Igor: "Alright, But who we're gonna bring to destory MLP?"

Carkle: "Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, and the 9 TF2 Classes."

Igor: "I'll call Pingy, Reimu, Marisa, Sanae and Cirno Too!"

[Igor Calls the 5 on Phone.]

[They Arrive]

Igor: "Okay, I called them."

James: "Roll call first to see if everyone is here."

Freddy: "IT'S ME!"

Bonnie: "I'm right here..."

Chica: "I'm right here!"

Foxy: "Right here, m8."

Scout: "Yo, batter up."

Soldier: "Is it war time? Oh wait, it's roll call. Ahem... I'm right here."

Pyro: "Mmmmppppphhh! (I'm right here!)"

Engineer: "Right here, partner."

Heavy: "Heavy is here to battle!"

Demoman: "Ey, laddies, I'm right here."

Medic: "It is I, the medic!"

Sniper: "Who's standing still right here? Oh wait, I'm here."

Spy: "Gentlemen. I'm right here."

Pingy: "I'm right here also!"

Carkle: "Hey! Aren't you supposed to be with the ponies?"

Pingy: "I'm another version of him."

Carkle: "Ok?"

Reimu, Marisa, Sanae and Cirno: "We're right here!"

James: "Everyone is here. But I don't care. Just like I don't care about MAIN EVENT ON ION TELEVISION!"

Igor: "Okay! We're Ready!"

[The Gang walks outside Carkle's House]

[They go to the portal to Equestria.]

Igor: "The Plan is following, We have to get the trust of the ponies so they won't become suspectious."

John: "Got it!"

Carkle: "Roger that."

James: "What Carkle said."

All but Igor, John, Carkle, and James: "WE GOT IT!"

[They Go to Ponyville]

Igor: "I'm going to Sugarcube Corner to get a sweet, i haven't eaten anything recently."

Carkle: "Ok?"

[Igor Goes to Sugarcube Corner.]

Igor: "I'd like a Chocolate Cupcake, Please."

Mr. and Mrs. Cake: "Ok."

[They give Igor a chocalate cupcake]

Igor: "Thanks."

[Cut to the other Heroes]

John: "Marisa, You seem to be a bookworm, can you go to Twilight's House? She's a Bookworm too."

Marisa: "Okay!"

[She goes to Twilight's House]

Marisa: "Damn, she has a lot of books!"

Twilight: "Oh my Celestia! A Witch!"

Marisa: "Umm, I'm a Good Witch."

Twilight: "I'm Twilight Sparkle!"

Marisa: "I'm Marisa Kirisame. I'm a Bookworm Like you!"

Twilight: "Cool!"

Twilight: "By the way, what brings you here?"

Marisa: "Let's say some friends brought me here."

Twilight: "What are their names?"

Marisa: "Carkle, John, James, and Igor. Did you know i can use magic too?"

Twilight: "Show me!"

[Marisa uses some of her magic.]

Twilight: "Wow!"

Marisa: "Neat, Right?"


John: "Igor should return in any moment."

[Igor Returns.]

Igor: "Carkle, i suggest you to meet Rainbow Dash."

Carkle: "Ok?"

[Carkle walks to Rainbow Dash's House.]

Carkle: "Uhh..."

Rainbow Dash: "Yes?"

Carkle: "AHHHH!"

[Carkle runs away]

[Cut to the Heroes Again]

Igor: "One Job, Carkle, ONE JOB!"

[Igor Facepalms.]

Carkle: "Well, I TRIED!"

Igor: "I understand. Cirno, can you try to get Fluttershy trust you?"

Cirno: "Okay!"

[Cirno goes to Fluttershy's house]

Cirno: "Hmm..."

Fluttershy: "Yes?"

Cirno: "Hi... I'm Cirno."

Fluttershy: "I'm Fluttershy. Nice to meet you!"

Cirno: "I'm a Ice Fairy."

Fluttershy: "Okay...Nice..."

Cirno: "Um...."

Fluttershy: "Want some lunch?"

Cirno: "Uhh....Okay..."

[Cut back to the Heroes]

Igor: "Alright, Everything is going right! Should we make our base now?"

John: "Alright."

Carkle: "Oh yeah, baby."

James: "What Carkle said."

[They build a Base named "Flare Base".]

Igor: "Everything is Ready now!"

John: "Now what?"

Chapter 2: Crafting new ItemsEdit

[A Red Metal Sonic, named "Metal Flare", walks to the HQ.]

Igor: "Look, It's Metal Flare! He can do everything!"

Metal Flare: "BUZZ...Long Time no See, It's me, Metal Flare!"

Igor: "He has loads of weapons!"

Metal Flare: "That's right!"

Engineer: "Should i Craft new Weapons for us?"

Igor: "Go for it, Engineer!"

Engineer: "Uh, Okay!"

Igor: "But wait... what should we craft?"

Engineer: "Medics will get kritzkriegs, I will get a Southern Hospitality, Scouts will get a Force-a-Nature, and a Boston Basher, and spies will get 'Your Eternal Reward'."

Carkle: "Great, but what about pyros and demomans?"

Engineer: "Their weapons will be crafted later."

Carkle: "Alright."

[Engineer starts crafting them.]

Igor: "We should kill some time by watching TV."

Carkle: "Ok?"

[MLP is the only show on the MLP universe, by Default.]

Carkle: "TURN IT OFF!"

Igor: "Ok! Ok!"

[Igor turns it off]

Igor: "Trough, I'm going to make some changes on the Signal."

[Igor makes some changes to get other shows from the normal universe.]

Igor: "Should work now."

[Igor turns on the TV. It's on Channel 44: Nickelodeon.]

Igor: "Don't ask why, I'm Crafty as heck, but i'm not a engineer."

Carkle: "Don't you like Minecraft?"

Igor: "Of course!"

Carkle: "Well, on to the show."

Igor: "Okay Then."

John: "I'm Hungry, what we have to eat?"

Chica: "Cupcakes?"

John: "Great idea!"


Chica: "They're ready!"

Carkle: "Woo! Let's eat!"

Igor: "Cupcakes!" [Laughs]

[Marisa and Cirno Arrives.]

Igor: "Yo! Marisa! What you did with Twilight?"

Marisa: "We just talked..."

Cirno: "What Marisa said, but with Fluttershy."

Igor: "Woops!"

John: "Ready to eat the Cupcakes?"

Marisa, Cirno and Igor: "Yeah!"

[After they ate cupcakes...]

Igor: "Damn, I feel stuffed now!"

Cirno: "Same."

Carkle: "Same here with Cirno."

John: "Me Too!"

Carkle: "Now what? I'm getting bored."

Igor: "Gimmie me a secound."

[Igor walks to Enigineer's Room]

Igor: "Ready?"

Engineer: "It's... done."

Igor: "ALRIGHT!"

Engineer: "Calm down, we're just getting started."

Igor: "Aww..."

[Cut to Training room of the HQ.]

[Engineer hands Igor and Sanae Kritzkriegs]

Igor: "Um..."

Engineer: "Heal those 2 injured targets."

Sanae: "Oh! Okay."

[They heal the 2 injured targets]

Igor: "Works Perfectly!"

Sanae: "Yeah!"

[Engineer hands Marisa a Force-a-Nature, and a Boston Basher.]

Engineer: "Kill the far-away target with your ranged weapon."

[Marisa kills the target with the Force-a-Nature]

Engineer: "Now... kill the target in front of you with your melee weapon."

[Marisa kills the target with the Boston Basher]

Engineer: "There you go. Now you're all set..."

[Engineer gives John a Southern Hospitality]

Engineer: "Basics, first. Upgrade that sentry over-"

John: "Yeah yeah, I know that now."

Engineer: "Still, you gotta do it."

John: "*sigh* ...Fine."

[John upgrades the sentry]

Engineer: "Now... you've got to spy check."

Spy: "Nope, I'm not doing this."

Engineer: "Don't worry, you'll respawn."

Spy: "Fine..."

[Spy turns invisible]

John: "I know, but how i'm supposed to Spy check?"