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Oh No! Numbuh 3 Accidentally Opened The Portal and Let The Ponies Out of Their Universe and Starting To Destroy KND!

Chapters Plot
Chapter 1: Arriving at KND Treehouse The Heroes arrive on KND Treehouse.
Chapter 2: Numbuh 4 Bickering With Numbuh 3 The Heroes are Seeing Numbuh 4 Bickering With Numbuh 3.
Chapter 3: The Delightful Pony Reborn TBA
Chapter 4: The Defeat TBA
Chapter 5: The End TBA

The KND SideEdit

  • Numbuh 1
  • Numbuh 2
  • Numbuh 3
  • Numbuh 4
  • Numbuh 5
  • Igor the Mii
  • Pingy
  • John
  • Carkle
  • James
  • Marisa
  • Chica
  • Sanae
  • Nitori
  • Renko
  • The Medic
  • Cirno

The MLP SideEdit

  • Twilight Sparkle
  • Pinkie Pie
  • Rarity
  • Fluttershy
  • Rainbow Dash
  • Applejack
  • Celestia
  • Applebloom
  • Scootaloo
  • Sweetie Belle
  • The Delightful Children From Down The Lane


Chapter 1: Arriving at KND TreehouseEdit

Numbuh 1: "Numbuh 3! For Your Addiction of MLP: FIM! We Are Gonna Remove It From Your Brain!"

Numbuh 3: "Umm, Ok!"

[Numbuh 3 Opens The Portal]

Numbuh 1: "Numbuh 3! Were Gonna Get Lunch!"

[Numbuh 3 leaves the portal and lets it open.]

[The Intro Begins]

[The Intro Ends] [The Mane Six came out of the Portal.]

Twilight Sparkle: "Wait, this isn't Ponyville! We need to destory it!"

[The MLP Goes to The Delightful Mansion From Down The Lane]

TDCFDTL: "What Is it Now Ponies?"

Pinkie Pie: "We Need To Destroy This Place!"

Fluttershy: "[Whispers] Yeah."

TDCFDTL: "Splendid! We Will Destroy Kids Next Dorks Too!

[They Laugh Evilly]

[Cut to KND Treehouse]


Pingy: "Want Cheetos Numbuh 1?" [Pingy Shows Numbuh 1 The Cheetos He is Eating]

Numbuh 1: "I'm not Hungry now."

Igor: "Okay then!"

Numbuh 4: "I Will Burn Numbuh 3's My Stinky Chubby Merchandises!"

[Numbuh 4 Is Gonna Burn Numbuh 3's MLP Merchandises on The Furnace]

Numbuh 3: "DON'T!"

Numbuh 1: "I guess it is the right choice."

Igor: "I'm not sure."

[Numbuh 4 Puts Numbuh 3's MLP Merchandises In The Furnace]

[Numbuh 3 Is In Tears That She Sees Her Merchandises Burn To Ashes]

[Numbuh 3 Is Gonna Cry]

Igor: "OH CRAP!"

[Igor Surroands Numbuh 3 with Rainbow Monkey Dolls]

[Numbuh 3 Is Crying On The Floor Like a Baby Because She Wants Her MLP Merchandises Back]

Numbuh 3: "Ponies are More Important than Rainbow Monkeys!!!!"

[Numbuh 3 Is Still Crying And She Wants Her MLP Merchandises Back]

Igor: "F*ck, it didn't work like last time!"

[Everybody gasps]

Igor: "Welp, i broke the Radar."


Igor: "MAKE IT STOP!" [Flails in panic]

[Pingy Dresses Up as a Pony]

Pingy: "Follow The Pretty Pony!"

Numbuh 3: "Yay!"

[Numbuh 3 Hugs Pingy.]

[Pingy Blushes]

Igor: "Help me!"

[Cut to Mane Six Causing Trouble]

TDCFDTL: "Now Capture The Kids Putrid Ponies!"

[The Mane Six Turns Kids Into Ponies With Their Magic]

[They Evily Laugh]

[Cut to the Heroes Again]

Cirno: "Watch this!"

[Cirno Freezes a Cup of Water]

Pingy: "Can Someone Get Me Out of This Pony Costume? I Think Im Stuck! And Im Glued With Numbuh 3!"

Numbuh 4: "I'LL SET IT ON FIRE!"

[Pingy takes off the Pony Costume and Numbuh 4 Sets it on fire.]


[Numbuh 3 is gonna cry]

Igor: "Ah, for the sake of Prince Acreus, AGAIN?"

Pingy: "You Want MLP Kid? Well Here's MLP!"

[Pingy Gives Numbuh 3 a MLP and Rainbow Monkey Hybrid Doll]

Pingy: "They're Called Rainbow Ponies!"

Numbuh 3: "I love it!"

Igor: "Alright, it's not...Ah, forget it, nobody knows my first 2 waifus. and i am embrassed by the fact."

Pingy: "Who are them?"

Igor: [Gulps] "Amy Rose and Princess Peach." [Gulps Again]

Numbuh 5: "Well I Played Those Video Games Numbskull!"

Igor: "Also, i haven't joined GoAnimate V2 Wiki until my waifu was Shauna from Pokémon X and Y-"

Pingy: "WE GOT IT!"

Igor: "Oh, Okay!"

Chapter 2: Numbuh 4 Bickering With Numbuh 3Edit

Numbuh 4: "I Am Going To Rant On My Little Pony Friendship is Magic!"

Igor: "Oh, for the Sake of God, No! You will Get Numbuh 3 UPSET!"

Numbuh 4: "My Little Pony Friendship is Magic?! No! More Like My Little Poopy Enemy Is Magic!"

Igor: "RUN!"

[Numbuh 3 gets Angry]

[Igor ducks and covers]


Numbuh 4: "Shut up!"

[Numbuh 4 slaps Numbuh 3]

Igor: "Ah crap, not again!"

[Numbuh 4 Bites Numbuh 3's Leg]

[Numbuh 3 Screams]


The Medic: "Called me?"

Pingy: "Igor Called Ya, Mate." [Pingy Eats Cheetos]

Numbuh 1: "STOP FIGHTING!!!!!!"

[The two Stop fighting.]

[Numbuh 3 is crying because numbuh 4 bited her leg.]

The Medic: "Don't worry...." [Heals Numbuh 3's Leg]

Numbuh 3: "Thanks, Doctor!"

The Medic: "You're welcome."

Cirno: "I'll fly around the city."

[Cirno flies outside the Treehouse]

Numbuh 4: "Stupid Fly!" [Numbuh 4 Gets His Flyswatter]

[Numbuh 4 Is Trying To Swat Cirno With a Flyswatter]

Igor: "CIRNO IS NOT A FLY!" [Facepalms hard]

Numbuh 4: "I DON'T CARE!"

[Numbuh 4 Finally Swats Cirno]

Numbuh 4: "Ha! You Got Swatted! Fly!"

Cirno: "OW!"

Igor: "Numbuh 4...Cirno is a ICE Fairy, She can freeze you...."

Numbuh 4: "I Do Not Care!"

[Numbuh 4 Swats Cirno 10 Times]

Igor: "I'm about to set something on fire if this dosen't stop by the next 3 minutes."

[Cirno Gets Angry at Numbuh 4]

Numbuh 4: "Uh? Hehehe?"

[Cirno Freezes Numbuh 4]

Igor: "HAHAHA!"

Cirno: 'Never mess with Me!"

John: "This is silly!"

Numbuh 4: "Somebody Get me outta here!"

Igor: "How about NO!"

[Everybody laughs]

Numbuh 4: "Help!"

Steve: "Ill save ya!"

[Steve uses his Pickaxe to get Numbuh 4 out]

Igor: "Minecraft Much?"

Pingy: "I like Minecraft!"

Numbuh 4: "Thanks! I Will Trap This Fly with this Jar!"

[Numbuh 4 Traps Cirno with a Jar]

Igor: "Why you Think Cirno is a Fly, Numbuh 4?"

John: "Yeah!"



  • Numbuh 4 Seems To Hate MLP: FIM.
  • It was Revealed Numbuh 3 Likes MLP, until Chapter 4.
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