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This article may contain spoilers. If you haven't watched the video or played the game about Nice Day (Game), you might say: "This game/video is boring!" so don't take a glance at it!

Nice Day is an point & click, choice chooser game made by Kalocin that was made for Madness Day 2008.

Plot Edit

You wake up from a refreshing sleep with nothing important to do. You can go outside, check the computer, go to the park and stuff!

Endings Edit

Since there is no good ending, the lake ending is referred as the good ending, or in other words, a secret one. Well, not so secret.

  • Bad Ending
  • Lake Ending

How to get the endings Edit

  • Bad Ending: Check the computer and get killed by the FBI, go to the kitchen and see randomness happen while you die from 2 unknown people, die in a Dankamu battle, do a barrel roll with the challenger from the park, or just cause suicide.
  • Lake Ending: Go to the lake.

Characters Edit

  • Normal 'Madness Combat' Character

Link to the game Edit

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