Shadow of The Little Pony is an game created by Carkle to inspire the related game, Shadow of the Colossus.

Plot Edit

A lonely traveler named Scout wanders around the forbidden lands to defeat sixteen colossal ponies. Long ago, Dormin, that... MLP fan has been taken apart into sixteen enormous creatures called the ponies by an mysterious person. In order for Scout to destroy the sixteen idols lining up the hall, he has to travel and find the ponies and kill them.

List of the Colossal Ponies Edit

We have much things to deal with, but we can showcase some colossi.

Painful Pie (Pinkie Pie) Edit

Colossi number: 1

A painful guardian that wanders around her lair, known as the Painful Mountains seems hard to deal with, but she is pretty easy to defeat.

Destructive Hooves (Derpy?) Edit

Colossi number: 6

A destructive giant that is obsessed with destruction. She can be located at a underground temple, known as her lair.

Planey Dash (Rainbow Dash) Edit

Colossi number: 5

A creature that casts a colossal shadow across a misty lake known as Planey Dash.