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This article may contain spoilers. If you haven't watched the video or played the game about Shadow of the Colossus, you might say: "This game/video is boring!" so don't take a glance at it!

Shadow of the Colossus is an adventure game made by Fumito Ueda where your mission is to defeat 16 colossi that roam the Forbidden Lands so you can resurrect an (dead?) girl named Mono.

Plot Edit

A young traveler named Wander has entered the Forbidden Lands with an unconscious/dead girl named Mono. As Wander enters a temple known as the Shrine of Worship, he tells... a ghost named Dormin to resurrect Mono. But, Dormin tells Wander to destroy the 16 idols lining up the hall of the Shrine of Worship. So Wander takes off with the Ancient Sword, a bow and arrow, and his trusty horse named Agro.

Ratings (fake) Edit

  • IGN - 360/10 "Would have another sequel"
  • Gamestop - 9001/10 "It's in our store now"

The Colossi Edit

Name Number Latin Name Grid Location Developer Name
Valus 1 Minotaurus Colossus F5 Minotaur_A
Quadratus 2 Taurus Magnus F3 Mammoth
Gaius 3 Terrestris Veritas E2 Knight
Phaedra 4 Equus Bellator Apex G5 Kirin
Avion 5 Avis Praeda H4 Bird
Barba 6 Belua Maximus D6 Minotaur_B
Hydrus 7 Draco Marinus D2 Eel
Kuromori 8 Parietinae Umbra G6 Gecko
Basaran 9 Nimbus Recanto D3 Turtle
Dirge 10 Harena Tigris B4 Naga
Celosia 11 Ignis Excubitor F1 Leo
Pelagia 12 Permagnus Pistrix G2 Poseidon
Phalanx 13 Aeris Velivolus E6 Snake
Cenobia 14 Clades Candor C2 Cerberus
Argus 15 Praesidium Vigilo G1 Minotaur_C
Malus 16 Grandis Supernus F8 Evis

Gallery Edit